Wandering the Wharves

A historical walk through Utrecht city

Wandering the Wharves
Margriet Hoogendoorn en Henk Denneman
ISBN 9080574619
48 pagina's
verschenen 2000

The imprint of Utrecht's medieval past is still clearly recognisable in the buildings and streets of the inner city. However, not all the sites are easy to find. Every year thousands of visitors and residents of the city join guided tours of Utrecht's most beautiful spots.
This booklet is written by experienced guides from ít Gilde, an organisation of volunteers aged 50 and over. With the aid of 22 beautifully-shot photographs, we are led on a walking tour of the most noteworthy sites of the southern part of the inner city. These sites act as starting points for stories of remarkable events from two thousand years of history. In this way, the authors sketch a general outline of the history of Utrecht city.

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